Comic #182: The Gamer’s Heritage

Monday, June 11th, 2012

I had a small collection of LCD games as a kid. Most of them were made by Tiger and based on a variety of existing games/cartoons: TMNT, Top Gun, Garfield, and a few others. In the pre-Gameboy days, these things were essential for family vacations. I think eventually my mom sold them all in a yard sale.

I debated on having Peter playing one of the games I actually owned as a kid, but decided instead to make one for The Chronicles of Ademar. Help Lily chase after Links, while defending herself against a swarm of Grobian Beetles! (trust me, that description will make more sense once the first book is finished, hehe)

A Quick Update on the Animated Pilot Episode:

I’m in the process of putting together the progress blog, which is where I’ll be posting all of the updates on the pilot and details on the different phases of production. In the meantime, all of the Kickstarter funds have come in, so it’s time to get started on the first steps: finishing the script and drawing all of the character art. As part of the model sheets, I will have to include a wide selection of facial expressions for each character. I’d like this to be more than just the standard “happy/sad/angry” selection, so to make this even more fun, I’m going to open the door for suggestions!

If you’d like to suggest a facial expression to include, go on Twitter and post the following:
- The character you’d like to see (choose between Peter, Seth, Whitney, Chelsea, Ezzy, Iggy, or Korgar)
- The emotion/expression (get creative with it: instead of just a simple emotion, make it situational, like “stepping on a loose thumbtack”)
- The hashtag #PeterAndCompany

That last one is the most important: if you don’t include the #PeterAndCompany hashtag, I won’t be able to see it. I’ll do searches for any suggestions, pick the best ones, sketch them up, and post them as images on my Twitter account, and later on the progress blog once it is up and running. This should help to add some variety to the model sheets and make each character’s expression chart unique!

Got a random question you’d like to ask Whitney and me? Check out our Formspring page and ask away! :)

3 Responses to “Comic #182: The Gamer’s Heritage”

  1. NekuKoneko Says:

    The only one I can remember playing with a great drive to win was a Sonic Pinball game. Aside from that, it was always Mario on the old, old, huge gray brick gameboy for me.

  2. ydocnocab Says:

    first panel, thats an xbox controller with a charge play pack! nerds unite!

  3. MacDiver Says:

    I had a Tiger handheld version of Castlevania 2, and it made no sense when I was a kid. A friend had a few for TMNT, which had more straight forward gameplay but was still too hard to play. The tiny LCD games never really stuck with me, and I ended up switching to drawing on road trips instead.

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