Comic #175: Did you SEE that??

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Peter is slowly starting to realize that he might actually make it through the day alive after all.

The crowd scene in this page is another huge group shot of other artists’ creations, offered up for cameos with their permission. Last week’s call for characters resulted in a new record for total characters in one page — 25 total (22 being cameos). It was a blast putting this page together over the course of several evenings on the Inking Room, and much thanks goes out to the following folks who contributed:

Christopher Wade | Muddypaws | RelaxingDragon | Heuvadoches | Darkario | Spirit Studios 2011 | KGYiff | Glitterbaby Kitty | Moonsango | GeminiJC | thetacoslave | DiabloDragon | Thwaitesy | Piperhorns | KaoNinjaratzu | Dozer | OtakuMan24 | Flynn | Garfieldo | Taggs

So yes! As you may have noticed, this week features the launching of the updated Peter & Company website. I rearranged a few things, streamlined the navigation, updated with new graphics, added in links on the right to my social media stuff (Formspring, Livestream, etc.), and integrated the Youtube account for the Inking Room. Now on pages where I’ve recorded the Livestream broadcasts, you can click on the “Watch it Get Drawn On Youtube” button above to watch the drawing process. You can also subscribe to my Youtube page to see the rest of the recordings, and if you’d like to catch one of the live Inking Room shows, follow me on Twitter to be told when each show goes live.

10 Responses to “Comic #175: Did you SEE that??”

  1. Flynn Says:

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait for the next page this week!

    I still cannot stop laughing at Muddy’s character…

  2. Muddypaws Says:

    Dude.. it looks great! Poor Chelsea - Hopefully she starts changing her ways.

  3. Muddypaws Says:

    (Snicker)…. Flynn… LOL… I still can’t believe Jon actually took up my suggestion.

  4. NekuKoneko Says:

    Glad she confessed, black eye deserved, and now we know where Whitney’s fist was intended to go.

  5. TheSchizOrigamist Says:

    Geez. Those background characters are all really well done. I mean, impeccably done. They’re all so distinct! Wonderful to see an update.

  6. Eric Oxner Says:

    What did i tell you guys.Don,t be fooled by weaker sex crap!!Girls can hit pretty hard when really pissed off.Wow she could,nt even look at peter in the eye.I mean the one she could still see out of.O.K.O.K.I will cut her some slack now.Now that the little stinker got what she–”Oh hello chelsea –”Huh how long have you been standing there?”The bear narrows her eyes at me.Her voice a very low grow to it.”Long enough !!”The only words i can say it “OH SWEET MAMA MARY!!”All kiding aside good art work and story.

  7. snipedrag Says:

    When will it be back?

  8. Heuvadoches Says:

    Psst … Peter … you misspelled my name. LOL.

  9. Jon Ponikvar Says:

    HAHA, D’OH!! I can’t believe I did that. Dang lysdexia. Sorry about that, it’s fixed now!

  10. Diablo Dragon Says:

    I see me! ^.l.^
    Thanks for including me in the comic jon and ya got Illandra’s curiosity just right!

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