Comic #174: Back to School

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Whitney made it through the party episode without any real injuries, but it looks like the same might not hold true for Peter pretty soon. I’ll just say the next page will be very interesting.

This page was the latest to feature a few guest characters from readers of the comic! The first two panels feature cameos from characters by linkcollins, nbbowler, thwaitesy, and tanooki00. These folks showed up to the Inking Room Livestream feed as I was drawing the page to give me reference pics of their characters. While this page only had space for a few characters, the NEXT one is going to feature another massive group shot like the first party scene. So if you have an original character that you would like to have a free cameo in the next page, check out this post on the Inking Room website.

Update Feb. 7th: Tonight’s Inking Room show was almost a success. There were a number of technical difficulties that put a significant delay on getting it all done. As a result, only half the page was complete, and there are still over a dozen character cameo slots left to fill.

As such, I’m adding another night to the Inking Room schedule this week! Thursday night at 8 pm EST, we’ll turn the cams on again to take in more cameo requests and finish out the page. This means if you weren’t able to catch it tonight, you still have a chance for your character to make it in. :)

3 Responses to “Comic #174: Back to School”

  1. NekuKoneko Says:

    Must not picture Peter sucker-punched. Must not picture Peter sucker-punched. …I can dream, but I think someone’s getting punched by a purple fist very soon. >_<

  2. MacDiver Says:

    I take it the confession has not happened yet? This will be an interesting race to watch. Who will cam Chelsea run into Whitney before she finally hunts down Peter? Looks like it will be a storyline toss-up between Whitney dealing with having to apologize to Peter for lashing out against him for what was Chelsea’s fault or Peter dealing with the irony of avoiding a person he had no reason to avoid.

  3. Luke C Says:

    Ooo, shiny new website! :D

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