Comic #169: Eagle Scout Iggy

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The influences for Iggy’s character actually came from a few different guys. I may have had a tough childhood, but I did always have at least one friend who stuck with me. In each plotline of Peter & Company, Iggy pretty much takes the place of whatever friend I happened to be hanging out with during that point in time. The one I was with when this episode happened really did pull this act on me, and it caught me completely by surprise.

After slicing my foot open on a broken bottle, without even thinking twice, this kid pulled off his sock and wrapped it tight around my foot. He then proceeded to help me walk the whole mile back to my house.

I felt it was high time that Iggy got the moment in the spotlight that he deserves. I may not have had a lot of friends growing up, but the ones I did have were pretty awesome.

So yes, the comic takes a BRIEF break next week for a special Halloween-themed update. The next page of this story will resume the following week. We still have a few more pages to go. :-)

To those who missed it last week, check out the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT concerning the P&C Animation Project. Jump on over to this page to give it a read! Seriously, this is AWESOME. :-D

4 Responses to “Comic #169: Eagle Scout Iggy”

  1. Pacmanite Says:

    :) I’ve also learnt never to take friends for granted.

  2. Max Goof Says:

    Actually, what Peter needs is a compression bandage, not a tourniquet. A tourniquet is to cut off blood to an arm or leg to prevent extreme blood loss, such as with a severely severed artery, and is applied between the wound and the heart, not on the wound.

    What he did was create a compression bandage, which applies pressure to a bad laceration, slowing the flow of blood to the area, and allowing the body to close the wound.

    An Eagle Scout would actually know this if he got the First Aid merit badge.

  3. Solomon Memprys Says:

    I’m glad Iggy knows the right thing to do, even if he can’t remember the right term for it.

  4. Cyris Says:

    Max Goof:Yes, BUT ” tourniquet” is shorter, therefore, less room is used in writiting….in comics, the smaller the words the better.

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