Halloween 2010 Character Portraits

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

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In this year’s Halloween comic, the kids took on costumes of various film and cartoon characters. I decided to take things a step further this year and produce these series of parody in-character portraits. The roster includes, from left to right:

Ezzy, as Hit Girl from the film version of Kick Ass (not the original graphic novel version).
Chelsea, as Disney’s classic anti-PETA villain Cruella De Vil.
Peter and Seth, as Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future 2. (Seth was not in the Halloween page, of course, but he fit the role so perfectly I had to include him)
Whitney, as Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman from Batman Returns.
… and last, Korgar, as Hello Kitty.

Note: Whitney and Korgar’s images are still being finished, and will be added to this post as soon as they are completed. Keep an eye on the Twitter and Facebook feeds to be notified when they have been posted.

4 Responses to “Halloween 2010 Character Portraits”

  1. LostFoxeh Says:

    Awe, you’re not going to make Iggy in color?

    The one of Peter and Seth is amazing.

  2. Eric Says:

    Man, these are so cool! The Back to the Future 2 portrait is my favorite. Seth would make an excellent Doc Brown!

  3. Justin Says:

    Chelsea is adorable. I don’t think I’ll ever look at her the same way again.

    Nor will I look at Hit-Girl the same way again. Brilliant. What have you done, Jon?

  4. Aggeloi Says:

    LOVE the pics!!! Will we get to see Korgar, too?

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