Comic #150: Halloween 2010

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I always love producing these Halloween-themed comics. Drawing characters as other characters is so surreal, since it basically acknowledges that our own real-world pop-culture references exist within this made-up universe that the characters themselves exist in. Kind of strange to think about, but it’s still crazy fun to do.

I will be making individual colored illustrations of each of the kids in their costumes from this page. Let’s see if you can name them all before that happens!

In other news, I have jump-started the Inking Room on Ustream with the creation of an official Facebook page. If you click “Like” on the profile, it will post all of the updates to your Facebook stream, including embedded videos, updates to each week’s schedule, and notifications for when the show goes live. If you’d like to be able to participate in the audience and watch the show when it’s on in the evenings, that’s the easiest way to do it. Hope to see you all there!

11 Responses to “Comic #150: Halloween 2010”

  1. Muddypaws Says:

    (*Fall’s off his chair and laughs uncontrollably on the floor at the last panel*)

    I love it!!! Chelsea as Cruella De Vil; Figures she’d be stealing all of Peter’s candy.

    Hehehe.. Uncontrollable FEAR… and thy name is KORGAR!

  2. JHSpence Says:

    haha that’s hilarious, I don’t think peter would have been as petrified if korgar was in a different costume. also reading the side i see that Peter is Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future and his sister is Hit Girl

  3. Muddypaws Says:

    I now see that Ezzy’s “Purple Girl” from the Daredevil comics (well, that’s my guess anyway).

  4. Jennifer - aka MrsTippett Says:

    Peter - Marty McFly
    Whitney - Cat Woman
    Chelsea - Cruella DeVille
    Eddy - Mummy
    Ezzy - (not sure)

  5. Keylaleigh Says:

    Sir, you have made my morning.

  6. Umi Says:

    Just wanted to say congrats on your wedding. Even if it is a little late XD

  7. Ollie* Says:

    I think Ezzy is that that girl from that movie that came out about 2 months ago…kick-but.
    I noe going to say the real name, just a hint.
    I actully KNEW what Peter’s costume was, Back to the Future has been on for three days now.

  8. Ollie* Says:

    I meant “Not”. isn’t odd that you don’t notice spellin errors until AFTER you click the ‘POST’ button?

  9. Alucai Vivorvel Says:

    I just stared at Krogan’s costume and couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. Then it sank in, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

  10. Puck Says:

    Is…. Is Whitney the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman? What is wrong with her parents? O.o That film is awful!!! …. Oh, also probably not suitable for a child her age. ;)

  11. Jon Ponikvar Says:

    Well, not to mention that Ezzy is dressed as Hit Girl from Kickass, which is even MORE age-inappropriate!

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