Comic #148: Time Well Spent

Monday, October 4th, 2010

My final count in overall earnings from the various times I played “roadside salesman” barely reached the $10 mark, so Peter’s comment here is a slight exaggeration. In terms of a potential return, you really can’t expect that much when your only customers have no source of income of their own aside from a bi-weekly allowance.

This page wraps up the Salesman storyline (for now). Starting with the next page I’m going to a do a few random comics as interludes before I start off on the story of Whitney’s birthday party. I want to give other characters a brief time in the spotlight since most of the time these stories revolve around a select few characters. This means you’ll likely have some Korgar antics to look forward to in the next few weeks.

The new cast page will be finished pretty soon here, since I’m about halfway through the coloring of the new images for it. In the meantime, as an extra little bit of fun, here’s a desktop image I put together a little bit ago, featuring the worms’ new profile image (hauling a “Trojan Worm”) in a forest backdrop. A fun little bit of photo/cartoon merging, a la Roger Rabbit.

This entire page was drawn live on camera during Jonathan’s Inking Room on UStream. If you ever want to check out the show, everyone is welcome to hop on over whenever it’s airing. I keep the schedule updated on the site every Monday with the days and topics for each week.

3 Responses to “Comic #148: Time Well Spent”

  1. Muddypaws Says:

    Hahaha… Yes!

    She likes you Peter. She really likes you!

    (ahem) Hence the frizzed tail.

    Awesome Jon.. very funny!

  2. Jennifer - aka MrsTippett Says:

    Hooray for Korgar!… And worms!

  3. Drew Says:

    god i really hope this goes in the right direction with them plz what ever you do for this comic MAKE THEM LOVE EACH OTHER PLEASE

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