Comic #137: Planning Ahead

Monday, December 21st, 2009

The pieces of extra wood behind my dad’s shed back home were actually the planks that he would use to build the sukkah on the back porch each year. I always thought I could get away with sneaking one or two pieces for a project like this, but never had the courage to actually try it. Knowing my dad he likely kept a mental inventory of the pieces and would know when one of them went missing. Over time they got pretty discolored and started to rot a bit, which happened roughly around the time we stopped celebrating sukkot. Unfortunately they were too far gone for me to use for the fort at that point, so my plans never went through for a rebuilding like I’d always hoped.

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4 Responses to “Comic #137: Planning Ahead”

  1. adam Says:

    yea dad’s are good at that :-) got to keep us kids in check or tools might disapere

  2. Flexico Says:

    I just noticed that Iggy’s arms are on backwards in panel 5. XD It actually makes it even funnier in my opinion!

  3. Jon Ponikvar Says:

    @Flexico: …. HAHAHA, oh man. I can’t believe I did that. The problem with that pose is that it’s just so awkward; I couldn’t find any references for it, so I had to pose that way myself. Problem was I didn’t take photos of it — just mental notes with how the arms went — but I guess even that wasn’t enough to get the hands right, hehe.

    Ahh well. Mistakes like that are good to have. Keep the readers on their toes! :)

  4. Pastshelfdate Says:

    Hi, Jon,

    Actually, the only thing wrong with Iggy’s arms is that they wouldn’t be able to bend that far up at the elbow. The hands are okay, but his forearms would probably only be flat on the boards.

    By the way, one of my neighbors builds his sukkah as a tent, in his front yard, every year. I’ve seen photos of tiny booths on fire escapes in New York (Williamsburg?). I’ve heard sukkot/sukkoth referred to as “the feast of booths,” I think.


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