Comic #127: A Dream Turned Nightmare

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Just when things started to look like they were going Peter’s way, too. With the combined stress of unexpectedly meeting Whitney and now Korgar being the teacher, you have to wonder if Peter is heading straight for a nervous breakdown after the summer is over!

In other news, I recently signed up with a Twitter account. You can check out my feed if you’d like regular updates on the comic’s status, as well as any other little tidbits of info I decide to post there.

8 Responses to “Comic #127: A Dream Turned Nightmare”

  1. Pete Bagheera Says:

    Heee! The kitty on KORGAR’s shoulder is adorable!!

    At least in the last panel Pete’s saying a coherent sentence. :)

    (Also, you can only spell KORGAR with capitals.)

  2. Baree Says:

    Woohoo! Korgar! This should be good ^^

    Well, maybe not for Peter :P

  3. J.J. Says:

    Oh no! NO! Not…, KORGAR!?

    “He keeps cats… In his desk.”

    You know… as a Math teacher myself I can honestly say… I’ve never been like that.

    However, I have seen PE teacher’s like that! LOL

    I wonder if Whitney will save Peter? On the other hand, that may put Seth out of a job too soon.

  4. The J.A.M. Says:

    He’s being distracted by that neckline, isn’t he? :D :D :D

  5. keylaleigh Says:

    A dream come true for me! I’ve been waiting for KORGAR to make another appearance! And I want his shoulder kitten…


    Gee…it’s like my third grade teacher all over again.
    Well, that’s a little unfair. She was taking lots of meds, and was PMSing, and generally not being what the average teacher should be. Gotta love KORGAR though.

  7. Korgar Fan#42 Says:


  8. Pastshelfdate Says:

    KORGAR! And the cat on his shoulder is a great touch! I think secretly, Korgar has a very soft spot in his heart for cats. I believe you when you portray him as mean and tough, but still … cats. :)

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