Comic #125: Summer School Daze

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Eight weeks to be spent in close company with the girl of his dreams. Suddenly the idea of Summer School doesn’t sound so bad!

I love the giraffe and pig goofballs in the first couple panels on this page. I drew them randomly just to fill the space, but now I’m really thinking of refining them a bit more and adapting them as recurring side characters. I’ve got no clue what to name them, though. Any suggestions?

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  1. The J.A.M. Says:

    Hmmm….she seems a bit chubbier than she was in the dream.

    Um…and in what grade are they in? She seems a bit….developed, unless I’m guessing her age wrong. :D

  2. zaptiftun Says:

    I really like these comics, sir, the storyline and style reminds me much of “Calvin and Hobbes”. :D

    Anyways, regarding the current story arc: I can’t wait to see how this all pans out. And also I have similar questions to The J.A.M. ;)

  3. Lara Says:

    Guess summer school no longer looks so bad. Bet Peter suddenly can’t wait to go back the next day.

    I think the pig goofball looks like a Philip. :D

  4. Jon Ponikvar Says:

    @JAM: Hehe, I thought this question would pop up sometime. The character is based on the real-life Whitney, in both name and physical attributes. Peter and Whitney are both around age 13 in the comic, so I made her as close to how the real Whitney looked at that age. She was always bit more “developed,” as you put it, so she felt that her character should be that way too. Basically I made the design to her own specifications. :)

    Also, her weight is the same as when she first appeared a couple storylines ago. That hasn’t changed, although I think the angles in the dream comic may have made her look thinner for some reason.

  5. CasualJohn Says:

    I agree that the pig looks like a philip and, (no, im not picking animal letter=name ;) ) but the giraffe looks like a Greg.

  6. Byakkoman Says:

    I don’t know, Gorge (pig) and Doug (giraffe) seem more fitting to me…

  7. Repicheep22 Says:

    I knew it. And I love Peter’s expression in the center frame. Priceless.

  8. Teenlink Says:

    I think if those two are going to be recurring side characters, their names should have something in common. Maybe like Bob and Marley or Chuck and Norris or even Calvin and Hobbes if you think you could get away with it. Also, if you decide to give them dialects like Iggy has. If so, the pig should have a southern dialect (think Alabama, Louisiana, that region) and the giraffe would either sound like Goofy or speak in ebonics.

  9. Keylaleigh Says:

    You should name the giraffe Larry. He looks like a Larry. And the pig is a Bob.

    *a blatant relation to VeggieTales*

  10. Wolfgang Says:

    I believe that the Giraffe could be named Wilbert and the pig could be Mortamer

  11. J.J. Says:

    Ah… To be that young again…

    * The babe who walks in and catches your eye (whether she meant to or not) => Heart Rate JUMPS!

    * The surroundings of the room are ignored => Tunnel Vision!

    * The excitement of newly switched-on raging hormones => PRICELESS!!!

    Why do I have the feeling that the two goof balls sitting next to Peter are going to make this first meeting a complete mess?

    Seth: “So? What did we learn?”

  12. The J.A.M. Says:

    Of COURSE!!

    She looks like a girl I knew at school!

    We were together for a bit, but it didn’t work out.

  13. Heather Says:

    All these names sound great, but for some reason I see them as having nicknames to go with them:
    Schnoz (Pig) and Stripes (Giraffe).

  14. Byakkoman Says:

    Lol, can i change my vote to Chuck and Norris? Great idea Teenlink! :p

  15. JAY Says:

    (pig) randy & (giraffe) george

  16. Robshi Says:

    Hey, he managed to reply coherently this time! He’s improving. Many would just nod at that point as the nerves got to them.

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