Comic #118: The “Ghostly” Cameraman

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Up until now, Eddy hasn’t had too much of the spotlight shining on him. Now we’re finally getting to see what his character is really all about… although admittedly this MIGHT not be what you were expecting, eh?

What role does Eddy play in the Guardian hierarchy? Why can people like Jeff and Dr. Munchkinn talk to him if the other Guardians can’t be seen? Is Eddy good or bad? Was he planning on relieving himself on the film equipment? WE MAY NEVER KNOW!!

Silliness aside, I do have to apologize for the lateness of this comic. A couple days’ delay due to a bit of a hiccup in my plans to produce the comic pages in an assembly line fashion for my class. I’m putting a stop to that and making them in order so that I can actually have a steady stream of finished material. I WILL get better with regularly updating, as I feel really bad every time this happens.

SO YES, answers to the above questions (most of them, anyway) to come with next week’s comic. In the meantime, feel free to chat me up on AIM or XBox Live if you’re on either of those.

3 Responses to “Comic #118: The “Ghostly” Cameraman”

  1. FerretWithASpork Says:

    This is going to get interesting :P

  2. Zhan Says:

    I agree.

  3. TheBlockbustorigamist Says:

    Hoo - yeah.

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