Comic #110: One Last Question

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

So it turns out Iggy wasn’t after a girl’s affections after all. He was just too shy to ask for some juice himself. What a goof.

In other news, I’m hitting the road for a two-week vacation in VA to spend time with family. I’ll be back on the 15th, so expect updates to resume around then. The Peter & Company Book Collection is done and submitted to the publisher, but I’m waiting on a final proof copy to arrive for my approval (which I’ve already ordered, and should take about a week to arrive). As soon as I can make sure that it all looks good in print and there aren’t any errors, I will make an updated post with the links for purchasing. Stay tuned sometime next week for that.

12 Responses to “Comic #110: One Last Question”

  1. The J.A.M. Says:

    And that was the end of that.
    Next storyline, please? :D

  2. Wolfie Inu Says:


    Too late, forever too late (until the next episode)…

    I like how Peter goes from dejected to casual between panels 2-4 :)

  3. Jennifer Says:


  4. Origamist101 Says:

    Hows tricks, Jon?

  5. Rachel Says:

    Awww, poor Iggy! That’s mean of Ezzy to not let him have a little cranberry juice. He looks crushed!! I gotta say though, even though it didn’t lead to results, Peter sure gathered up his guts and went for it!!


  6. keylaleigh Says:

    Poor Iggy… I would’ve given him some cranberry juice. I love cranberry juice! I even have some in my fridge right now…

  7. Iggy Says:

    Can I have some? :D

  8. Pete Bagheera Says:

    I do wonder why Peter didn’t ask ‘why not?’ He gave up rather easily.

  9. David Says:

    i felt so sry for iggy lol

  10. Alexsandria Says:

    He only wanted cranberry juice. at least I knew it had something to do with Ezzy.

  11. Korgar Fan#42 Says:

    ROFLAO!!!!!!! After all that Iggy wanted some flippin cranberry juice!!!!!

  12. Snowpelt Says:

    I find the text (especially for Iggy) hard to read when my DSi makes it pixelly.

    Poor Iggy just wanted juice! *Slaps Ezzy*

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