Strip #69

Monday, July 24th, 2006

In high school, I would take my kneaded erasers and mold them into my worm characters during class. I could usually get three or four out of a standard-sized wad of eraser.

Of course, I’d eventually need to use the eraser, so they’d all end up grossly disfigured by the end of class. I’m sure I got some weird looks from the other students, but I didn’t care.

3 Responses to “Strip #69”

  1. Furiia Says:

    This strip is my fav!
    That mast be great eraser

  2. TimidGrizzly Says:

    Thank you for Peter and Company.
    I was reading the archives and notice this sequence
    It seems strip-68 is missing. As an Peter and Company addict, I had to try to find strip-68. Can you point me to the proper URL?

    Thank you

  3. Jon Ponikvar Says:


    Ahh yes… comic #68. There’s a bit of a frustrating backstory behind this one.

    Back in the first couple years of P&C’s life as a comic, I had set up a few link exchanges with other comic artists to get some exposure for the site. One of my favorites at the time was a comic (which I will not name here, neither the title of the comic nor its creator) that had a similar theme to P&C. After talking with the artist for a bit, we thought it would be fun to have a regular character crossover where one of their cast members would appear over here, while Seth would make appearances in theirs.

    I quickly put together my side of the deal within a couple weeks of us finalizing the details. That was Strip #68. The response I got was overwhelmingly positive, and came with a promise of seeing Seth make his appearance soon. Sadly, time went by, and Seth never showed up. I had contacted the artist several times over several years to see if they still wanted to keep up the crossover deal, and they insisted they were still going to. Then the news broke that the artist got married, and their spouse had taken over duties of writing the comic. The last time I tried sending them a note asking about it, I was basically told by the spouse to “[BEEP] off”, in so many words.

    So, I removed my side of the deal completely and deleted it from the site. They basically got free fan art from me and five years’ worth of continuous referrals to their comic, yet they couldn’t be bothered to return the favor (the spouse even removed the link to P&C from their links section, without any explanation given to me). It’s frustrating, but eh, what can ya do.

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