Strip #67

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Some quick rules about being an artist: you draw what you love. Work to improve, but don’t lose sight of what makes you who you are. And while I don’t usually do social commentary-type humor, when the inspiration hits you just gotta go with it.

No matter what style I may work in, I’ll always love cartoons. :P

3 Responses to “Strip #67”

  1. Flexico Says:

    I put myself through that almost every tim I draw… probably why I don’t draw as much as I want to.

  2. ar2 Says:

    this is amazingly witty and funny.

  3. Pastshelfdate Says:

    Good to see you playing around with detail. I did notice Ezzy’s markings moved around, but it’s still a treat. :)

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