Strip #59

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Well, to all the readers of my older work who were wondering up to this point why Fritz was sittin’ up there in the title graphic… here you go!

These two goofballs are going to bring about some interesting episodes in the future, believe me.

2 Responses to “Strip #59”

  1. Ollie* Says:

    I love these comics! but one question, what’s Fritz? I always thought he was seahorse, because a german, one-eyed seahorse is AWESOME! (to me.)

  2. Jon Ponikvar Says:

    Fritz’s original design in my older comics was a goldfish, but since redesigning everything with the “Guardians” story, I decided to make him more of a nondescript aquatic creature. When I drew him in this comic I ended up making him somewhat merman-inspired (so I could have him walking around in a suit) and the design just kind of stuck with him. Looking at him now he does seem kind of seahorse-ish, and I definitely like that idea more than the current ambiguous design. I’ll keep that in mind when he comes back in future comics. Thank you so much!

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