Strip #13

Saturday, March 5th, 2005

This strip was the end result of a last-minute rewrite. Originally I was thinking of having Iggy holding a lighter and a twig, but I thought that would hold too many wrong implications. The last thing I wanna do is portray a kid playing with fire, y’know?

2 Responses to “Strip #13”

  1. badmache Says:

    Skin’s lisp is so cute.
    It does make things a little difficult to read, though.
    I sometimes have to read aloud to actually get the effect. Makes me sound goofy.

  2. StoneFoxx Says:

    Iggy is so darn cute, I simply adore him. Is Iggy suppossed to just be young and nieve/ultra-innocent, or is he supposed to be a child with special needs? I am referrring to special needs as in a learning dissability, or Asperger’s Syndrome or something in that line of condition? I’ve known and taught numerous kids with similar conditions like Asperber’s and the like, I am an educator, and those kids are all wonderful people who generally are very fun and have a fascinating way of viewing and experiencein the world around them.
    On another note, I love the drawign style and the humor of your comic. Please keep up the good work. Thanks for doing a fantastic job. Much love and respect for your talent.

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