Comic #204: Meet Tracy the Bookworm

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Tracy’s character here is actually based on a real-life friend of ours from back at SCAD, along with Jess the raccoon (seen in the latest Jeff & Eddy page a few updates back). They will both become regularly-recurring characters from this point out. Just what role Tracy will serve, though, remains to be seen…

Also, I’ve heard plenty of guesses as to who Mr. Grahame was based on, and some of you got it right: he is a tribute to the “Mr. Toad” character from the Wind in the Willows, written by Kenneth Grahame. I grew up watching the 1980’s British stop-motion TV series based on the book, so the story has always been one of my favorites.

This is yet another page full of guest character cameos! Thanks to everyone who gave permission for their creations to appear in this page:

Locklear Aoi | MikeBlackWolf | Silvador | Glitterbaby Kitty | Ngarewyrd | hunting | Fluffy Bloodfang | Halou Doval | Rob Swanson | Luke8t88 | ThristySnake | Aspie4Life | Nut-Case | AlAndAlice

Lastly, as of this update we are now within striking distance of the first Milestone Goal for the Peter & Company Patreon campaign: bringing back full-grayscale shaded updates! If you would like to pledge to help reach this goal, support our Patreon campaign today!

Note: Due to Whitney and I going on vacation for the week, there will be no comic for Monday, April 14th. The next page will be posted on the 21st.