Comic #217: Chelsea’s Fourth Punch

Monday, September 8th, 2014

You’d think Chelsea would have learned to act better around Ezzy by this point.

This cute little panda girl is another new character designed by Whitney! More about her (including her name, which was suggested by folks in the Tigerdile stream while I was drawing this page) will be revealed in the next few pages to come.

A quick personal note…

Those who follow us on Tumblr and Twitter already heard the sad news, but to those who don’t know yet, Whitney and I lost our young cat Linus to a sudden episode of congestive heart failure this past Thursday. I typed up a lengthy tribute/explanation post on Tumblr the night it happened, so you can read more details there.

Linus has made three cameo appearances in the background of the comic so far (here, in the final panel; here, in the “POW” panel; and here, in the second panel). He’s the black & white cat with a half-mustache. Up until now he was simply a recurring extra, but from this point on he will be an official part of the cast, added to the roster and given a role in the story. Just like Ezzy’s character, his memory will live on through his cartoon counterpart.

The next page of the comic will be delayed by at least a week or so, and the regularly-scheduled evening streams on Tigerdile are on hold until further notice. We just need time to recover and be together after losing a member of the family like this. I will post notices to Tumblr and Twitter once we are ready to be on camera and start producing artwork again.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us their condolences and offered their support during this tragedy. Whitney and I are amazed by the love our readers have shown us. You guys are freaking amazing. We will be back soon.