Comic #213: Never Ask a Bunny’s Age

Monday, July 21st, 2014

This story arc is going to be focusing primarily on the relationship between Chelsea and Persephoni/”Pearl.” I’ve been wanting to show a bit more of their dynamic for a while, and this will finally give you all a really good idea of Persephoni’s role in Chelsea’s life.

Also, in my continuing efforts to expand the P&C universe, the new character presented here is Abby, a cocker spaniel girl who was designed by Whitney for the upcoming animated series. She is the first to be incorporated into the comic as well!

Lastly, you’ll notice this page is in flat grays rather than full shading. The reason for that: my Wacom tablet died this weekend, so I am currently unable to do any extensive coloring/shading. The new pages will be finished in flat tones like this until I can build up the funds to get a new tablet. So with that in mind, please consider pledging to the Peter & Company Patreon Campaign! I am going to be increasing the number of Patreon Sketch Club nights once the next milestone is reached!